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Sure Filter Products
In the modern world of today,the need to be competitive drive man and machine beyond its limits. Man is driven to produce engines that is more powerful,efficient, and durable. 
To maintain these very high tolerances within the engines, the lubrication system has become more sophisticated.
Keeping them clean and cool requires excellent filtration.

Sure Filter offer a complete range of products covering from air filter, fuel filter, oil filter until hydraulic filter. These products are designed to meet the highest demands and needs of the modern engine. 
Sure Filter also offers an economic consideration to justify the business sense.

Air Filter
Air Filter is most vital in keeping the contaminating out of the intake system. It prevents contaminated air to be mixed with the fuel before entering the combustion chamber.

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Oil Filter
Oil filter provides clean oil flowing through the engine and thus reducing premature wear and tear in the frictional parts. Sure Filter has the optimum filtration by providing high efficiency filtration as well as durability.

Fuel Filter 
Fuel Filter make up the other component in keeping the intake system. Clean fuel would prolong the live span of the injector and maintain higher fuel efficiency.

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Hydraulic Filter
Provides a protection and prolong the live span by keeping the hydraulic system clean.

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Coolant Filter
Designed to keep coolant (in radiator) clean and thus maintaining a higher technical dynamic efficiency in the engine.

Air Oil Separator
"Sure" air oil separator is the solution for all air compressor that eliminate the oil comsumption in the compressor air system and allows very low pressure drop to enhance long service life.

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Air Housing Disposable Filter
Environmental friendly air filter housing with filter combined, using non corrosive component ,easy to maintain and install.

Suction Filter
Protect your hydraulic cylinder seal and decrease oil flow restriction.

Automotive Filter
In addition to heavy duty products, Sure Filter also covers full ranges of automotive segments comprises of air filter, oil filter, fuel filter, and cabin filter.

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Baldwin Filters

Clean Oil Vital to Engine Performance

Dirty oil can cause catastrophic damage to your engine. By using the proper lube filter for your engine, you can minimize the possibility of costly downtime and repairs.

Baldwin Filters has been making lube filters for over seventy years. With more than 650 lube filters for heavy-duty and automotive applications, Baldwin has the coverage and quality you demand.

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Clean Air Critical to Engine Performance

Clean air is essential to the performance and life of your engine. Proper air filtration is important because a small amount of dirt can cause a tremendous amount of engine damage.

Baldwin offers a wide range of air filters to provide the protection your engine needs. With over 2,200 air filters in our line, Baldwin filters supply the necessary protection for all types of engines.

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Clean Fuel Critical to Engine Performance

Dirty fuel is a fact of life. Even with the development of cleaner-burning fuels, contaminants are still a major concern when it comes to fuel systems.

Baldwin Filters offers more than 650 different fuel filters, fuel managers, coalescers and fuel/water separators to protect your engine.

Clean Fluid Necessary to System Life

With the need for closer tolerances, faster cycle times, higher pressures and extended service intervals, more demand is being placed on the hydraulic filter.

In addition to a full line of spin-on and cartridge hydraulic filters, Baldwin Filters also offers a line of hydraulic bases and indicators.

Prevent Damage with Cooling System Products

Coolant filters protect your engine by trapping contaminants and distributing Supplemental Coolant Additives (SCAs) into your cooling system. Baldwin offers coolant filters with two SCA formulations to meet specific engine needs.

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Cabin Air Filters Provide Added Protection

Cabin air filters are becoming more common in automotive and heavy-duty on- and off-highway applications.

These filters reduce the amount of airborne pollutants and particles entering the interior of a vehicle by capturing dust, pollen and other airborne contaminants.

A Baldwin cabin air filter will protect passengers from airborne pollen, bacteria, dust and smog, reduce dust and dirt accumulation in the vehicle’s interior and increase air conditioning and heat output and performance.

Baldwin cabin air filters are built to OE specifications to give you and your equipment the best protection available.

DAHL Fuel Filter/Water Separators
Work Differently

Many existing fuel filters aren’t designed to remove significant amounts of water. They are designed to do their job in a single step. This means they must be porous enough to allow sufficient flow volume, which limits filtering ability. Any tighter media would result in frequent element changes.

The DAHL system takes care of those shortcomings. DAHL’s functional dual-chamber 3-stage diesel fuel filter/water separators provide efficient suction side water separation and contaminant filtration. The key is the unique DAHL patented depressurizer cone, which spreads the flow of the fuel. With more area to flow over, greater separation of water and dirt from the fuel is achieved.

DAHL fuel filter/water separators have less mechanical flow resistance than other separators, because the fuel changes direction only twice. The DAHL unit removes virtually 100% of the water and most of the contaminants from the fuel.

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Gud Filters
Oil Filters

G.U.D. oil filters ensure better engine protection by filtering out contaminants, ensuring clean oil continuosly flows through the engine.

G.U.D. manufactures single and dual cartridge spin-on oil filters of varying diameters and heights. These filters use single-layer, multi-layer paper, or felt media, and are powder-coated, providing maximum corrosion protection for the filter.

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Cartridge (Metal End Caps)
G.U.D. produces these filters which are used primarily on LCV and HCV applications. Metal cartridge filters are manufactured using single and multi-layer paper media.
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Metal Free
Metal free filters are eco-friendly filters used mainly on European vehicles. Designed for the modern engine, these filters require that only the cartridge insert is replaced. The nylon end caps and centre tubes are made in-house. Media is paper with a high synthetic content for extended service intervals where specified.

Fuel Filters

G.U.D. fuel filters ensure high efficiency filtration, providing clean filtered fuel for great engine protection.

G.U.D. manufactures single cartridge spin-on fuel filters in varying diameters and heights. These filters use single-layer, multi-layer, or felt media, and are powder-coated, providing maximum corrosion protection for the filter.  

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Metal Cartridge
G.U.D. produces these filters which are used primarily on LCV and HCV applications. Metal cartridge filters are manufactured using single and multi-layer media.  


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Plastic In-line (Nylon Petrol)
Used in carburettor engines, G.U.D. uses bonded plastic housings manufactured in-house for the plastic in-line filter range. All filters go through online 100% leak testing.


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Fuel Injection

Featuring high efficiency media, these filters are used on petrol fuel injection engines to aid in the finer filtration required for the tight tolerances on modern engines. G.U.D. manufactured fuel injection filters are either seamed or welded aluminium housings, which are extruded and machined in-house. All plastic and metal components are also manufactured in-house.


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Multiport Diesel

New generation diesel filters on the modern common rail fuel systems on diesel engines, multiport diesel filters are designed to protect the high pressure components in modern diesel engines. Manufactured in our dedicated clean facility, G.U.D. multiport diesel filters will reach you in an unsurpassed state of cleanliness, ensuring maximum protection for your engine. Filter diameters range from 76-93mm, and heights from 50-200mm.


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Metal Free
Metal free filters are eco-friendly filters used mainly on European vehicles. Designed for the modern engine, these filters require that only the media needs replacing. The end caps and centre tubes are made in-house, with felt seals ultrasonically welded to the end caps, or rubber radial seals and retainers. After use, the residual oil can be removed by pressing and the filter can then be incinerated and disposed of, leaving no residue.


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